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What does it mean to be bilingual? Being bilingual is knowing more than one language. There are all kinds of bilinguals: people who grow up using more than one language, people who move somewhere their first language isn’t spoken and of course all the people who learn a new language for any one of a million reasons! Monolingual is the […]

A Time to Remember – Remembrance in the Classroom

November is upon us again and soon we will see people wearing poppies on television, on social media and around us in everyday life. Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday grow ever closer and it’s a time where learners may have questions about their meaning or purpose. What is Remembrance? At this time of year in an act of remembrance, we […]

Celebrating St Andrew’s Day and Saint Andrew

This blog post introduces who Saint Andrew is and how he came to be named the patron saint of Scotland. There are also links to some of the resources Twinkl Scotland offer to support teaching and learning about St Andrew’s Day, allowing you to celebrate the day with your learners. Why Teach About St Andrew’s Day? In Scotland, the Curriculum […]

World Teacher’s Day: Why We Teach

The Best Job in the World This past year has been unlike any other. Some teachers will have braved the storm, some will have changed careers and many new teachers will have joined the profession. We all have one thing in common and that’s our passion for education.  A career in teaching is unbelievably varied and unbelievably rewarding. Many teachers […]

Restore Your Practice With Restorative Practice

In education, we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of learning and teaching for the children in our care. However, in the last few months especially, the focus for educators has shifted towards the emotional wellbeing of our learners. Our children have been through so much and the repercussions are beginning to surface in classrooms across the […]

Maths Week Scotland 2021

What Is Maths Week Scotland? Maths Week Scotland is a week-long series of activities and events created to celebrate the way that Numeracy and Mathematics help us engage with the world around us. It was set-up to help realise the ‘Making Maths Count’ advisory group’s recommendation in 2016 to transform Scotland into a nation of mathematicians and dispel the stigma […]